UFC Star Is on the “Edge” – Claimed by Mayweather

The battle between the two priorities to the moment of truth seems never ending. Mayweather has claimed that McGregor has the edge of the boxer conducting the super fight which is about to happen.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Conor McGregor

The 40-year-old best defender on earth will take on the UFC are in the most controversial fights in Las Vegas on August 26, 2017. However, the unbeatable boxer admits that after 2 years out of the ring, he took the risk By coming back to the ring. And he sees the age gap between him and Mcgregor can be a huge difference in the ring. It can be a little advantage for McGregor.

Mayweather himself stated that McGregor was a younger lot. When folks look at the boxer posture and McGregor’s on paper, the UFC star is taller, has a longer reach, and has a bigger body from top to bottom. Indeed, experts also say that McGregor age can be his own advantage. He is a lot younger, so it is undeniable that youth is on his side. Moreover, McGregor has been off for 2 years. His last bout was in September 2015. This can be a challenge for what’s lost for this 2 years.

Not to mention that he is in his 40s. The boxer stated that most people tend at Conor McGregor.

We can not also argue that Mayweather is not the same fighter he was two years ago. What he did with Pacquiao in the “Mega Fight” will not always be the same with what happens in the upcoming bout with the UFC star. The former champion said that the last fight with Andre Berto indicated that he was “blundering”. Obviously, he was blundering a bit to let the fighter like Andre Berto go the distance with him. He is not used to be. We still remember that Mayweather has about 90 percent K.O. Ratio. It is clear that he was blundering in some parts. And if McGregor can use this slit, he could have won.

The accumulated hatred and rivalry have been witnessed in the most recent press conference where the two met ups. They traded insults and talking. Some folks thought that McGregor is a racist brat against his opponent. Mayweather clearly said that he was offended by McGregor insults which called him monkeys. It was disrespect, and Mayweather admitted it.

Not many people also like what McGregor did. But we’ll, that’s what we always look at McGregor. It is his style. Connected with us for more news about McGregor Mayweather

How Good Is McGregor in Boxing? Here is What You Need to Know

Paulie Malignaggi sparred with Conor McGregor. He explains his assessment while fighting with the respective UFC fighter. He describes the McGregor punching quality is “above average”. Of course this assessment is a subjective opinion since Malignaggi himself who sparred with McGregor.

Conor McGregor

Malignaggi has been in the boxing world for more than one decade. It is fair to say that he does not admit Conor McGregor as the next Tyson yet. There is still room for improvement. That is at least the closest information that we can get from Malignaggi.

From our trusted source, the former WBO and IBF explained that the sparring with McGregor has been very great. As the preparation of UFC ace, Conor McGregor, Malignaggi was sparring with the respective fighter. This practice meant to improve McGregor exp before he fights against the best defender on Earth, Floyd Mayweather. On August 26, the exercises, practices, press conferences, and all the efforts of Conor McGregor will be paid off. However, Malignaggi elaborated that he is still away from having such compelling KO ability, which is understandable because McGregor has not laid a single blow in the professional boxing career.

But Malignaggi did not mean to look down to McGregor. He just offered his unbiased opinion about the fighter. Thus, he values the knockout power of McGregor as above average. What we meant by “above average” can be paired with professional boxers’ ability. He is not a weak puncher. Conor indeed hits hard. And when he is so determined, his opponent must pray not to receive his punch.

Malignaggi has sparred with thousands people in his life. And he has probably spent his life sparring with strongest people on earth. McGregor is definitely one of them. Malignaggi added that Conor will make his enemy down if he successfully lands his punch. No matter how pro is the boxer, the impact will be devastating. So “Money” is better to be careful.

 McGregor has speed, accuracy, and the power. He only lacks of experience. Without meaning to be pessimistic or so, he need more years to catch up with the Mayweathers trainings. Mayweather has the best defense system on earth. It is also the key to his unbeatable record. So, what will happen then? See the moment of truth in Las Vegas on August 26.